Lead Capture Pages

Lead Capture Pages Need to Entice Visitors to Leave Their Contact Information

While anyone can create lead capture pages in theory, not every page is created equally. These pages must be well-designed, easy to navigate and packed with information that will entice visitors to leave their contact information for continuous follow up and conversion.


The first thing that must be considered when it comes to designing lead capture pages is the overall design. Most pages should follow a template that includes a headline, content, opt-in form, call to action and conclusion. The fonts used should be large and easy to read, and colors that may strain the eye should always be avoided. The layout of the page should be clean and professional in order to allow visitors to find the information they need. If information is scattered or hard to find, it is likely that visitors will leave the site and search for the answers they need elsewhere. Finally, if images are used in the content, they should always be clearly labeled and relevant to the text.


The actual text that is included on lead capture pages should be informational and helpful without giving too much away. Remember, the point is to entice visitors to want to learn more, and the only way they can do this is by entering their information into the opt-in form. The content should provide a list of benefits that is associated with the product being sold or the benefits of becoming a distributor. However, it is important to let the reader know that these benefits will be expanded upon after they have provided basic information about themselves.

Call to Action

Lead capture pages are ineffective without a powerful call to action, so it is important to include this several times throughout the page. Even so, it is best to avoid using phrases like “submit” or “enter” because these may actually deter visitors from providing their information. Instead, phrases like “act now” or “get started today” may be more effective because they create a sense of urgency in the mind of the reader. After all, the entire point behind the page is to collect the reader’s information so that a welcome letter and follow-up communications can be sent to him or her via email or another method—such as postal mail—if it is better for the company’s particular industry.

Opt-In Form

The final thing to consider when creating lead capture pages is the opt-in form itself. There are a few key points to remember when the form is being developed. First, it is important to never ask for more information than is absolutely necessary. A reader who feels as if he or she is being asked for too much information is likely to skip this step altogether. The form should be easy to locate, quite large, and formatted in a font and style that is professional and pleasing to the eye. Most of the time, simply asking for a first and last name as well as an email address is sufficient.

While a lead capture page can be put together in as little as a few hours, it is worth any MLM company owner’s time to ensure that all of the above tips are followed. This way, readers are more likely to provide their information and more leads can be generated for future conversion.

The Best Lead Capture Page System will Grow Your Business

A lead capture page system is essentially a way for an MLM distributor to obtain basic information about a website visitor—particularly their email address. With this information, it is possible for distributors to keep in contact with leads until they are ready to do business.
Getting Visitors to the Website
Before a good lead capture page system can be effective, distributors must determine the best ways to drive traffic to their websites. In most cases, techniques such as article marketing are the best to use. By placing well-written, keyword optimized content on multiple directories, it is possible to link potential leads directly to the website. There is one primary benefit of generating leads this way: the people who visit the website are already interested in the products and services being offered. They are more inclined to enter their information on the landing page because they truly want to browse the website and get more information.
Building a Landing Page
When it comes to the lead capture page system itself, it must be easy to read and fill out or website visitors will simply turn away. It should be highly visual, containing only colors that are pleasing to the eye. The font used should be large and easy to read, and there should only be two to three fields of information which the visitor must fill out. Typically, a name and email address will suffice, though some distributors are also interested in obtaining their visitors’ telephone numbers. If this is the case, distributors should be sure to make this information optional for the consumer; they should never leave the website simply because they are unwilling to provide their telephone numbers.
Developing a System
After the landing page has been designed, the next part of a good lead capture page system is determining how the visitor will be welcomed to the website. In most cases, this is done with the use of an autoresponder—or a piece of software that is designed to send an automated email to the visitor as soon as they provide their information. This email should be a resource that is filled with information, but it should never be so long that it deters the lead from reading it in its entirety. It should be well written, and it should also contain links to other parts of the website as well as contact information.
Continued Follow-Up
Without the ability to follow up with a lead, they will likely lose interest and decide not to make a purchase or take advantage of distributorship opportunities. Continued follow-up is necessary, and this is usually done in the form of automated newsletters. Of course, if a particular lead contacts the distributor directly, it is perfectly acceptable—and even required—for the distributor to respond with a personal email rather than an automated response. This is because the consumer will likely ask detailed questions and will appreciate a personalized response rather than one that was pre-generated.

A good lead capture page system is necessary for ensuring that consumers can find the business website, that they will enter their information into the form, that they will be contacted either automatically or personally, and that they will eventually be converted into distributors.

The Top MLM System Combines Lead Capture and Email Campaigns

When it comes to choosing an MLM system, the sheer number of companies that promise success can be daunting and somewhat off-putting. By remembering that the top MLM system in the world combines lead capture and email campaign techniques, this decision will undoubtedly be made easier.
Making MLM Companies Successful
There are two things that an MLM distributor must do in order to make their businesses successful: generate leads and convert them into affiliate distributors. There are several MLM systems available on the web these days that promise success to distributors, whether they are just starting out or have been involved in the business for years. When choosing an MLM system that will truly provide the best tools for potential success, it is important to remember that the system must integrate lead capture and email campaigns in a seamless fashion with a level of reliability and customer support that cannot be duplicated.
Lead Capture
Lead capture is the process by which potential affiliate distributors are targeted and their information is recorded. This is typically done in one of two ways in an MLM business: by recording their names and email addresses when they visit a website or by recording their telephone numbers when they place a telephone call. Lead capture features are much more effective than cold calling and are free from many of the repercussions that new privacy laws—including Do Not Call lists—have created for MLM distributors. In fact, lead generation is a series of very specific processes that will help distributors reach out to only those people who may be interested in the MLM affiliation.
Email Campaigns
It has been estimated that some 77% of the population of the United States has at least one email address that they check on a regular basis. With this information, MLM distributors can easily reach out to consumers in a way that is less direct and personal than a telephone call or home visit. However, email campaigning is used by many MLM companies, causing the messages to be instantly picked off by spam filters or deleted by consumers before they are ever even opened. Email campaigns should be targeted and worded in such a way that they will bypass spam filters and capture the attention of the consumers to which they are sent.
Combining the Two
The most successful MLM system in the country combines lead capture and email campaigning in such a way that consumers are enticed to learn more about the opportunities available to them. Since only a few out of every 1000 leads may actually become affiliates, it is important for MLM distributors to reach out to their intended demographics in the best way possible. They must hold their lead’s interest until all of the pertinent information has been provided, without spending hours upon hours of personal time recruiting each lead. In this manner, distributors can easily recruit new affiliates without tiring themselves out or taking away from their own sales initiatives.

MLM distributors who truly want to enjoy success need to balance their time between sales, training and recruiting. The top MLM system in the country utilizes a great combination of lead generation and email campaigning in order to provide distributors with the best opportunities available.

Build Your Downline with the Best MLM Lead System

A multi-level marketing business or MLM is one of the most accepted business models today in the US and globally.  Many entrepreneurs become millionaires each year because of the success of MLM businesses.  One of the keys to having a successful MLM business is leads or prospects to build the downline of the MLM business.   One great tool for building your network marketing downline is an MLM lead system.
MLM Lead System
A multi-level marketing lead system is a system that captures leads or prospects for a network marketing business.  These systems feature a squeeze or landing page, which is the first page a prospect will see when coming to the website.  The squeeze page provides a tiny nugget of information about the business, and then asks the prospect or lead to provide their contact information, such as email and phone numbers, to receive more information about the product or MLM business.  This is why these systems are so effective.  Each lead system gets leads or prospects of people that are actually interested in knowing more about the business.
Automatic Emails 
The best MLM lead system is going to not only provide the contact information of leads that are interested, but also automate many of the processes that a business owner would have to do over and over with each lead.  Automation in lead systems allows the business owner to enter the information and details of their business once, and then as each lead requests more information, the system automatically sends emails about the business to the lead over a period of days to months.  This way, the lead is exposed to the business and its qualities many times, while the business owner’s time is freed up from having to do this with each lead.
Quality of the Lead
The quality of the leads received through MLM systems is a key component.  A network marketer can purchase tons of leads, but if the leads are not interested in the marketer’s specific business or product, it will not benefit the business owner at all.  This is why tracking the MLM lead or prospect is a key component of the best prospecting systems.  By tracking leads, the MLM system can tell the business owner how interested the prospect is in the business, as it shows how many times the lead has been on the site.  A lead that returns to the web site ten times is more likely to be interested in the product or business than one that only visits twice.
The best MLM lead system will provide a number of benefits to the network marketer.  It will provide leads or prospects that are qualified and interested in the business. In addition, it will also provide automatic emails with information about the business that save time and energy for the owner.  These aspects of network marketing lead systems create a viable tool for network marketers to grow and build their downline quickly and with ease.

Why Your Business Should Be Using a Squeeze Page

Simply drawing visitors to your business website is not enough. You also need to capture their attention as quickly as possible and then attempt to gain information about them. One of the best ways of doing this is by offering a squeeze page that will entice them to look at your website closer and provide you with contact information for follow-up purposes.
What is a Squeeze Page?
A squeeze page is basically a landing page for a website that is intended to solicit information from visitors. It normally appears just over the top of a website’s main page as a box of text. This box may give an enticing headline followed by a request for information. Some of the things that could be solicited include an individual’s name, email address and telephone number. Users usually need to enter their information and hit “submit” in order to receive free information or move to the main website or offer.
How It Helps
Website owners are virtually unable to know who may have visited a website unless they can gather personal data from these people. Some websites have a separate tab for users to click on in order to provide this information. Others may have it listed at the bottom of the page beneath other text and this makes it easy for autoresponders to be overlooked or ignored. A squeeze page encourages people to do this right away before they become distracted or discouraged, making it more likely that website owners will be able to obtain this valuable information.
Deals and Special Offers
A squeeze page can be used to promote deals or special offers that your business has available. As a condition of receiving these deals, visitors can be required to submit their contact information when they arrive at this page. You will have piqued the interest of potential customers, while giving them an incentive to provide you with some of their personal data. Knowing they might receive special promotions or discounts can sometimes encourage people who are unwilling to provide this information with the incentive they need to do so.
Newsletter Subscription
Do you have a newsletter or mailing list associated with your online business? If so, a squeeze page can be an effective tool that can help you gain subscribers. You can simply give visitors an option to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list when they first land on your squeeze page. It can be helpful to suggest that a subscription could entitle them to special discounts or tell your visitors that newsletters contain helpful information they might find useful. Users do not want to be spammed, but may be willing to sign up for mailing lists that are likely to benefit them in the future.
If you find yourself losing touch with visitors to your website, a squeeze page could be in order. By adding this page to your site, you are more likely to build a network of contacts that you can eventually turn into satisfied customers.

MLM Lead Generation Made Easy

MLM distributors have trouble generating leads for many different reasons. While some of these sales professionals may be great at selling products and services, recruiting new candidates is a completely different ballgame. Thanks to advanced tools like landing pages and automated hotlines, MLM lead generation is becoming easier than ever before.
Discover an Audience
Before any MLM lead generation techniques will be successful, it is first important for a distributor to discover who their audience will be. As an example, a company that sells phytoestrogen-based wrinkle creams would want to advertise in places that are visited by a predominantly female audience. On the same note, it is often easier to generate MLM leads when the targeted audience is already involved in some sort of multi-level marketing prospect or is actively seeking methods to make money from home. Article marketing works wonderfully here and the name of the MLM company itself—or the products and services it provides—never have to be divulged when backlinks are involved.
Landing Pages
Landing pages are great tools for MLM lead generation; distributors have been using them with some degree of success for decades. Essentially, the landing page asks the consumer to input their name and email address before perusing through the information on the company website; this provides pertinent information to the MLM distributor and aids in advertising. These landing pages should be associated with backlinks in articles and on other sales websites in order to generate more traffic. Though they are great tools and should always be utilized in MLM lead generation, they will not garner enough leads on their own. It is important to combine landing pages with other lead generation techniques.
Sizzle Lines
While the internet is a great source of information and many consumers rely upon it daily, there are also those who prefer the old-fashioned route—a telephone call. Of course, an MLM distributor should ensure that these telephone calls can be placed 24 hours a day, but they should not be forced to answer the phone at all hours of the night to provide information. A sizzle line is a great alternative that allows distributors to record information that is related to the business. When a consumer calls the telephone number, they will hear an automated message; they should be able to select one number to hear more about products and services, another number to purchase products and services, a third number for hearing more about MLM opportunities, and a final number to leave a message.
Social Media
Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has taken over the Web in recent years. Almost everyone with an online presence has a Facebook or Twitter account, and MLM distributors can use this to their advantage. By creating a Facebook page or Twitter account and providing information about distributorship opportunities, products and services, MLM distributors will add another outlet for interested consumers to contact them directly, and cold calling purchased leads will become a thing of the past.

MLM lead generation is a learned skill that requires a bit of time and patience in the beginning, but with the right tools, anyone can become a lead-generating professional in a matter of days—without spending a small fortune.

The Right Tools Can Automate MLM Lead Generation

Generating leads for a Multi-Level Marketing business, or MLM, can certainly be a tedious process. However, with the right tools, MLM lead generation can be simple. Here are some ways in which MLM leads can be gathered automatically—24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Information Hotlines
Information hotlines are great ways to recruit MLM leads because they require little to no effort on the part of the actual business owner. Here, the owner simply records a message—or purchases a recording from the MLM company itself—for callers to hear when they are interested in a product. It is important to remember that most of the callers will not be interested in becoming MLM salespeople in order to set the proper expectations, but an information hotline is a great way to ‘funnel’ people who are at least interested in the products being offered into a single category. When this MLM lead generation tool is used in combination with others, it can become quite powerful and effective.
Generic Marketing
While most MLM business owners are focused upon flaunting the benefits and value of the specific products they are selling, this can be difficult, especially when there are several competitors within the industry. As a result, some professionals who are focused on MLM lead generation choose to advertise generic products instead. For instance, a company that sells a branded MP3 player that is not as well-known as its counterparts may experience some difficulty. By promising consumers more information about one of the best MP3 players on the market—without giving away the brand name, of course—it is more likely that the business will garner more attention from consumers who are dead-set on a specific brand.
Call Capture
Call capture is a great tool for MLM lead generation, especially when it is used in combination with generic marketing efforts and information hotlines. This feature records the details of each and every incoming call, allowing MLM professionals to contact the callers who may have seemed truly interested in the product, but were perhaps not quite sure. While this process is not automated, it does remove much of the hassle from cold-calling thousands of different individuals and ensures that almost half of the people the MLM professional calls will have at least some interest in the products and services.
Websites and Newsletters
Many people feel more secure when it comes to learning about a product, service or company when they can do so on their own time and not under the watchful eyes or ears of an affiliated individual. The best way to provide interested parties with this learning opportunity is through the use of company newsletters and informational websites. When a consumer purchases the product or service being offered, it is wise to send that individual a monthly newsletter via e-mail in order to let them know about the MLM business opportunities. Sometimes, it may take a year’s worth of continued product use before consumers come around to the idea of joining an MLM company as a salesperson.

MLM lead generation does not have to be a time-consuming process when there are plenty of affordable tools at a professional’s disposal. These tools have been tested time and again to provide professionals with the best technology available to make their businesses successful.

Auto Responders – The Key to Email Marketing

One of the most important functions of auto responders is as a marketing tool for businesses.  When used appropriately, the benefits of these automatic responses to customer inquiries are enormous.  Saving businesses time and money, creating a relationship between businesses and customers, and keeping businesses consistently in customers’ minds are just a few of these benefits.
Information and Advertising
It is important to remember that customers must not view auto responders as spam.  In order to ensure this, businesses must give customers valuable, accurate information that the customers requested.  In return, the customers accept that the company will contact them.  However, just collecting e-mail addresses will not provide these same benefits: people will view any contact by an unknown company as spam and will ignore it.  Thus, an important balance must be struck between advertising and providing information.
Customer Permission
One of the most important aspects of using auto responders is that the consumer willingly provides his or her e-mail address.  This willing desire to open a relationship by the consumer must be exploited by businesses, and auto responders allow this to happen.  Marketing experts always say that the “money is in the list,” but this is not necessarily true.  A list of unwilling recipients who delete each e-mail unread means nothing.  Therefore, the money is in the relationship with the list.  Since these customers willingly give their e-mail address, they are starting a relationship, and a relationship that begins with the customer is the most productive kind.
Time and Money
Auto responders save businesses time and money.  Time is money for a business, and money is the lifeblood of a successful company.  These programs replace hours of tedious copying of e-mail addresses from lists, and they eliminate the need to send countless e-mails.  Instead, a program sends the e-mails automatically from its bank of addresses that it collects and updates automatically.  These e-mails cost nothing to send and are a back door into a customer’s mind, replacing costly television ads or postage.
Automatic Series
Another key benefit of auto responders is that they are sent whenever you want whether you are in the office or not.  These programs do not forget to follow up with customers: they automatically send follow-ups if they are programmed to do so.  Studies have shown that consumers must hear something six or seven times before they act and buy.  Auto responders can be programmed to send these seven messages at periodic intervals and to note responses and further interest.  With these programs, never again will a potential customer be lost because of a failure to follow-up.

Ultimately, auto responders are the key to e-mail marketing.  They are quick, easy, and reliable, saving businesses time and money.  Furthermore, they compile lists of potential customers, who voluntarily put themselves on these lists.  One interested customer is worth a thousand uninterested ones.  The world of e-mail marketing has changed forever, and it is important for your business to stay up to date with these important marketing strategies.

Auto Responders Follow Up with Your Contacts While You Sleep

When it comes to running a business successfully, the collection of leads is imperative. Since there are only so many hours in a day, auto responders are great options that will reply to people who are interested in products and services 24 hours a day.
What is an Auto Responder?
Business owners all over the world will agree that when selling a product or service via the internet, it is imperative to capture the reader’s interest within the first 10 seconds. Therefore, many entrepreneurs choose to use a technology known as a lead capture page to provide basic and interesting information to consumers that is designed to generate a curiosity about the product. Before that consumer can learn more, however, they will be asked to input their name, email address and telephone number into a simple form in order to subscribe to a newsletter. The autoresponders will then automatically email or call the contact after a short period of time to thank them or provide more information.
How it Helps
People who run MLM businesses from home—especially those businesses that require MLM lead generation—often have trouble reaching out to people in an effort to convince them to buy a product or service. While not everyone will be interested, it is important to reach out to as many people as possible and funnel those who are interested into a single category, often via the use of informational toll-free hotlines or even lead capture pages on websites. Since time is valuable, it would certainly be difficult to directly respond to each individual who enters their information on the page. Auto responders can send information via email 24 hours a day, and sometimes even respond by phone during business hours.
Keeping Contacts Interested
Many consumers around the world are impulse buyers, meaning that they will often purchase a product or service shortly after learning about it because they feel excited that the product will help them or save them money. However, many of these people are not comfortable with purchasing anything unless they can speak with someone or get even more information. Auto responders provide a sense of security to these consumers and let them know that they are making a wise decision; even if they do not purchase right away, a reminder email courtesy of an auto responder may help them feel safer and more secure in their purchasing decisions.
Saving Time and Money
Not everyone works and lives on the same schedules and a business owner certainly cannot be expected to stay awake 24 hours a day in order to respond to interested consumers. Conversely, these consumers should not have to wait until it is convenient for the business owner to get more personalized information. Thanks to auto responders, consumers can get all of the information they need via email or telephone 24 hours a day—even when the business owner or associate is asleep. This way, upon awakening, the business owner can review a call and email log and follow up with those consumers who have not yet made a purchase.

Generating leads and converting them into sales is a business that requires dedication and determination. When there is simply not enough time in the day to respond to every interested party personally, auto responders are a great and affordable tool that can certainly make a huge difference in revenue.

MLM Systems Help You Gather Great Leads

An MLM system can assist any business owner in direct sales or network marketing with growing a business rapidly and exponentially.  These MLM systems offer an easy way to gather great leads for any business by capturing contact information and providing marketing emails with information about the business to the lead.  These systems offer a great way to, not only get a lead or prospect, but to make it a lead that is qualified and easy to convert to a sale.
Landing or Squeeze Pages
One way of understanding how MLM marketing systems help gather great leads is the fact that most MLM systems have a landing or squeeze page that requires the visitor to enter contact information.  This information includes the lead’s name and other contact information such as an email or phone numbers.  By entering this information, the lead is telling the business owner, “Yes, I want to be contacted!  I want to know more!”  The landing page makes the lead 10 times more valuable than a cold lead that the business owner just approached randomly.
Educates the Lead
Another great thing about MLM systems is that the systems typically educate the lead on the business.  After the lead enters contact information, the system typically continues to send the lead information on the business, the product, or whatever service the system is marketing.  This sets the stage for the business owner or network marketer to call a lead that already knows about the business, which saves time for the marketer.
Knowing the Interest Level of the Lead
Knowing how interested the lead is in the business is vital to converting the lead into a sale.  MLM marketing systems not only offer simple leads that visit the website, but also track these leads to show how interested the lead really is in the business. These tracking systems show which pages the lead has viewed, as well as how many times the prospect visits each page.  The marketer can then use this information when approaching the lead to better provide the product or business information to the prospect.
Showing the Lead a System that Works
In addition to knowing the interest level of the lead, educating, and tracking the lead‘s interest, marketing systems also allow the lead to see a duplicable system that works.  The lead has went through the system web site, filled out the landing page information, learned about the business, and now sees that it is possible to duplicate the same system in their own business.  By showing the lead a system that is successful and easy to work, the lead becomes even more qualified because of the confidence gained through the experience of using the MLM system.
MLM systems offer tremendous benefits to any direct sales person or network marketer.  The systems provide the business owner with quality prospects and leads by using landing pages, marketing emails, and tracking systems.  The tools offered by a great MLM system can save time, effort, and money for the business owner by providing a great lead that is easy to convert into a sale.